Dzisiaj kontynuujemy zajawkę na slang w języku angielskim, bez którego ciężko wymiatać na anglojęzycznych dzielniach. Toteż zapodaję kolejną porcję niewąskich (a wręcz grubych i na wypasie) motywów, byście nie zamulali wydygani przed nieco bardziej obcykanymi ziomusiami i foczkami z UK. Bez dalszej zwłoki jedziemy prosto z centrali na pełnym oriencie – kąsajcie temat!
Argy-bargy = a heated discussion, bad-tempered enough to become a minor quarrel
Dude, our conversation at lunch was carazay! A real Argy-Bargy!
Biscuit arsed = extremely intoxicated by alcohol (a very popular term in Scotland – no kidding! ;-P)
You get biscuit arsed every weekend.
Chin-wag = a chat or brief conversation
I spent last evening having a good old chin wag with some of my best friends.
Cut me some slack = relax and get off my back / stop giving me such a hard time
Ahh, you’ve been criticizing me all evening. Just cut me some slack, will you?
Drop a clanger = to make an obvious mistake or terrible faux-pas
Thanks for letting me know that they have split up - I wouldn't want to drop a clanger.
Lurgy = any illness that makes you feel horrible
Man, I have this really bad stomach lurgy.
Manky = very dirty / disgusting
You haven’t washed yesterday – you’re manky!

That meat you left on the counter for a few days has gone manky.
Moggy = cat
Look at that cute little moggy!
Plonk = horrible, cheap wine
Let’s buy some wine – but a proper one, not that plonk from the local store.
Tosh = crap / rubbish / nonsense
Your idea to paint the office pink is simply tosh.
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